5 Main Treatment Procedures in Orthodontics

On May 21, 2013 by serena

Nowadays, Orthodontics procedure has been modernized, hence, its treatment has been divided and categorized into 5 main types. After thorough assessments, diagnosing and planning, anorthodontist Arlington gets to decide thOrthodontist Arlingtone suitable treatment method.

In most cases, dental braces is used and worn for the entire duration of the treatment process. But there are certain cases where other devices are utilized such as palate expanders. Palate expanders become necessary when jaw growth needs to be guided critically. If successful, braces can finally be installed. There are also severe jaw conditions where a surgical procedure is implemented.

Although using dental braces is the most common treatment method, an orthodontist Arlington has numerous alternatives. In order to treat malocclusion, misaligned teeth and jaw problems, various approaches can be chosen; whichever is the suitable treatment for the patient.

Preventive Treatment

This treatment procedure is mainly to prevent future problems by ascertaining that the eruption of the permanent teeth will take place without any abnormalities. Sometimes, the primary teeth serve as distractions to the permanent teeth. To shun any problems, preventive procedures can be implemented to remove the primary teeth. It is also possible that the orthodontist uses a space maintainer. This device is to hold the space to where the primary tooth is lost, thus, making sure that there’s still sufficient space for the eruption of the permanent tooth.

Interceptive (Phase I) Treatment

This procedure is usually done at an early age to assure the patient that no serious problem might take place in the future. This is also performed when a causative agent, which can trigger severe problems, needs to be removed. Using a palate expander to increase jaw size belongs to this category. Through the palate expander, enough space will be acquired for all permanent teeth to erupt normally. An interceptive treatment is also useful to reduce the duration of a comprehensive treatment.

 Comprehensive Treatment

Malocclusion calls for a comprehensive treatment. Using braces in order to move the teeth to the proper position, treating malocclusion varies at any age. There are cases when it’s done with primary, mixed dentition or on the permanent teeth. There are also cases when a surgical procedure is necessary. Usually, these cases are already severe. It all depends on the case’s severity when determining the extent of the comprehensive treatment.

 Thanks to the advancement of technology, an orthodontist Arlington can now use expanders for the size of dental arches to be increased. Once successful, teeth extractions are superfluous.

Surgical Treatment

Some patients require surgical orthodontic procedures when the conventional treatment methods would no longer suffice. Most of these patients are adults, thus, surgical procedures are usually required when the upper or lower jaw has protruded. It’s imperative to find a well-trained orthodontic surgeon to increase the chances of full recovery at the end of the procedure.

Teeth Extractions

Today, many cases have been noted wherein there’s insufficient space for all teeth to fit properly. Therefore, one or more teeth should be extracted for the remaining teeth to be appropriately positioned.

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