Common Orthodontist Procedures

Orthodontist Arlington can do a lot of procedures to treat patients. Nevertheless, proper assessment and planning should be done prior to performing a procedure since orthodontic treatment is on a case-to-case basis. Here are some of the most common procedures implemented by an Arlington orthodontist.

1. Acid etch – Brackets need to be properly attached to the teeth. To do this, the teeth where these brackets will be placed will be smeared by a weak acid. This procedure is called acid etching. Proper acid etching will guarantee that the brackets will be properly attached and will stay in their position for a longer period of time.

2. Bonding – After acid etching, environmentally friendly glue will be placed next to the teeth.

3. Banding – This is where orthodontic bands get cemented to the teeth.

4. Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment – A form of treatment specifically for children who are six to eight years old. This involves the palate being widened and other abnormalities detected being fixed. If you want your kids to have faster orthodontic treatments in the future, intercepted orthodontic treatment is recommendable.

5. Brace Tightening – Once the braces have been installed, follow up appointments are necessary. Typically, patients return to an orthodontist Arlington 3 to 6 weeks after the installation of braces for brace tightening. This is where adjustments are made and there are cases where wires are also replaced.

Braces come in various types. Here are the most common ones today:

1. Metal braces – The most common type of brace. Obviously, metal braces are composed of metal as well as stainless steel. Metal braces today have evolved wherein wearers now find it more comfortable to use. Unlike before, patients today can even request for a specific kind of color whenever they go for follow-up appointments.

2. Clarity Ceramic Braces – These braces are more advanced than metal braces but they tend to be weaker in terms of strength. The main feature of clarity ceramic braces is that it’s a translucent type, thus, people won’t easily notice someone wearing this kind of brace.

3. Invisalign Braces – This is a kind of brace where the aligners are hardly noticeable, hence, giving it a name called ‘invisible braces’. Another bonus of invisible braces is that they can be removed anytime by the wearer.

Orthodontist Arlington must first examine the case of the patient before determining the treatment. Knowing what treatment to be provided is on a case to case basis and sometimes, even the family dentist needs to be involved. Make an appointment to Health Dental Care today. And let your oral cavity get healthy again!

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