Dental Care with Orthodontist

Caught up in the whole healthy lifestyle and eating trend? How about your teeth? Dental care is an important part of your holistic health care. Besides, if you don’t take care of your teeth you wouldn’t be able to flash a captivating smile. When it comes to dental care, particularly malocclusions, an orthodontist is highly recommended.

Your occlusion is the way your teeth and jaw structure are formed and the way they meet when you bite. Malocclusions are problems with your bite owing to malformations in your jaws or crooked teeth, among other causes. The diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions fall in the realm of orthodontics, the first specialty of dentistry.

While orthodontics is primarily focused on improving the function of your bite through correcting teeth or jaw abnormalities, it also helps improve the form of your bite and your smile. In fact, some orthodontists focus on enhancing the aesthetics of your bite through dental and surgical procedures.

But the essence of orthodontics doesn’t just revolve around emergency teeth and jaw corrections. Three out of every ten kids require some form of orthodontic treatment. While majority of these cases are mild, sometimes the malocclusion goes on to develop into annoying and dangerous conditions. The role an orthodontist plays in your dental care is very important.

While people of all ages can avail of necessary orthodontic treatment, it’s easier to correct malocclusion in kids than in adults. Treating growing bodies (and thus growing bones and teeth) is almost always easier. It is recommended that children go for an orthodontic assessment from a qualified dentist after age seven.

In reality orthodontics is a common dental practice. The technical jargon may be disconcerting, but if you know anyone with braces then you know someone who is undergoing orthodontic treatment. Braces – and the ungainly headgear – are the most common types of orthodontic treatment.

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