FAQs for Orthodontic Methods of Treatment

How can you benefit from having an appointment with orthodontist Arlington?

Visiting an orthodontist can give you a lot of benefits. Mentioned below are some benefits:

  • A better smile after a dental treatment
  • Maintenance of good teeth alignment even on your 50s or 60s
  • Maximized teeth functioning
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Convenience in brushing the teeth
  • Lessens the risks of teeth protrusions
  • Positions teeth to their proper positions for a longer period of time
  • Overall oral cavity becomes healthier as other oral diseases can be prevented

How can you tell that visiting Arlington orthodontist is strongly recommended?

Here are some signs to which you may need to have an appointment with an orthodontist and undergo dental treatment:

  • Difficulty in speaking and chewing foods
  • Misaligned teeth especially those in the central part
  • Excessive protrusion of teeth
  • Most lower teeth are covered by upper teeth when biting
  • During a bite, the upper bite is positioned behind the lower teeth
  • Excessive shifting of lower jaws during a bite
  • Gaps or spaces between the teeth

According to dental professionals, it’s important that you shouldn’t wait for a sign which indicates the need to see an orthodontist anchorage. It’s recommended to have an appointment as soon as you reach seven years old; an important reminder to all parents with one or more children. Prevention is always better than treatment. Through an early checkup, you’re able to prevent serious diseases from taking place in your oral cavity.

What is the basic procedure implemented by orthodontist Arlington?

Braces which are the main tools utilized by orthodontists are composed of brackets and archwires. A gentle pressure is applied once braces are installed to the teeth. The installation is done to move teeth to their proper positions. The archwire goes back to its original form once it’s on the brackets. This will prompt the teeth to move slowly to its appropriate position.

What is the duration of an orthodontic dental treatment?

The answer to this question cannot be determined until the orthodontist Arlington has properly assessed the patient’s oral cavity especially the abnormalities. In most cases, patients wear braces for a maximum of two years. But some patients don’t take care of their teeth and complications arise, hence, the brace should be worn longer.

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