The Role Of The Orthodontist In The Society

On April 23, 2013 by serena

Many people believe that an orthodontist Arlington is just the same as a dentist. This statement is partially true since the orthodontist was once a dentist. But orthodontics is an advanced branch in dentistry. When you become a dentist, you need to once again specialize in another branch called orthodontics to be qualified to practice more procedures. This leads to the main question: what is the role of an orthodontist in the society? Orthodontist Arlington

Orthodontists mainly assist their patients in maintaining straight and properly aligned teeth. They do this by using braces and wires.

Becoming a licensed orthodontist has a lot of requirements. An aspiring dentist must first acquire a bachelor’s degree and undergo dental education at an accredited institution. After finishing dentistry, the person must pass the dental board exam. Only when he becomes a licensed dentist can he qualify for further education to specialize in orthodontics which will takeanother four years of studying and another certification exam. It’s no walk in the park to acquire the orthodontics license, but most orthodontists agree that everything is worth it.

There are many problems in the oral cavity that only orthodontists can fix. Upon assessment, teeth spacing or misaligned teeth may be detected and a regular dentist doesn’t have the license to fix these cases. Therefore, the dentist refers the patient to an orthodontist to realign the teeth or close the wide gap between the teeth.

Various methods can be done by an orthodontist Arlington to fix oral cavity problems. Retainers and braces are the two most common tools being utilized. But in most cases, a single visit would not suffice. After installing braces or retainers, the patient has to come back for a follow up appointment. This is where the braces are readjusted. Moreover, the orthodontist will also check the oral cavity for other potential problems.

It is the responsibility of the orthodontist to provide the necessary assessment before implementing the right procedures. Some of these assessments include attaining measurements and acquiring teeth impression. Once all the measurements have been procured, the orthodontist sends a prescription to the laboratory where an orthodontic technician or another orthodontist constructs the device ordered.

In the case of orthodontic technicians, they are responsible for making and crafting the orthodontic device such as the retainers and braces. Most of them work in the same location as the orthodontist’s clinic. However, there are some technicians who run their own separate laboratories.

The main role of an orthodontist is to ascertain that patients get the best device to restore a normal oral cavity. Many patients also prefer different kinds of devices like invisible braces and it’s the responsibility of the professional to determine if the suggested braces are allowable.

When the constructed device has been given to the orthodontist Arlington, the professional evaluates the device’s accuracy. He tries to test if the device would perfectly fit to the patient’s teeth before wrapping up the procedure. The ultimate goal of the orthodontist is to give the best device for the betterment of the patient’s oral cavity. There are times when multiple fittings are needed.

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